How to improve psychological well-being at work ?

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How to improve psychological well-being at work ?

Many employees, including employers, are wondering how to improve their mental health at work. This is self-evident as having a healthy working life is not just about the physical, and intellectual factors and mental health have an equally important impact on a person. So we would like to share with you here some tips that will help you improve your psychological well-being at work.

At the level of the employer

The employer generally has decision-making power, which means that it is primarily his responsibility to take action and provide his employees with a healthy working environment and to set up programmes to enable employees to have a healthy working life. This could include limiting overtime for employees and giving them days off to relax and recharge their batteries. Practice listening and confidentiality. This will allow employees to confide freely and talk about any psychological problems they may be facing. Providing them with relaxation areas will be of great help; just after a few hours of work they can take a break there. Improving the psychological well-being of employees also means dividing up the workload to avoid overwork. Showing interest in your employees and facilitating their access to certain resources or psychological follow-up programmes is still a real asset.

At the employee level

Improving psychological well-being at work is not just the employer’s responsibility. The employee also has a part to play, otherwise the employer’s efforts would be in vain. And one of the first things we advise you to do is to try to talk to your colleagues, to participate in group work. These social exchanges will allow you to free yourself, to confide in others, to fight depression and anxiety and to develop good social relationships. Try to find a balance between your professional work and your private life. Develop your self-esteem by adopting a positive attitude (e.g. you can say to yourself “I can do it”, “I am strong”, “I am intelligent”, etc.), just think about your qualities, the things you like. This energy will help you to be in a good mood and to succeed throughout the day. Be open, ask for help and offer it when needed. Play sports. This not only keeps you physically healthy, but also improves your mental health.

Improve your psychological wellbeing by following these tips we have given you. You won’t be disappointed at all.