How can an infected wound be treated effectively ?

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How can an infected wound be treated effectively ?

When doing housework, we often injure ourselves. These injuries can be superficial or deep. It depends on the degree of the injury. In the case of superficial wounds, we can treat them quickly to prevent the wound from becoming infected. In this article you will find some practical tips on how to treat a superficial wound effectively.

Recognising a superficial wound

Before attempting to treat a wound without the help of a specialist, it is important to ensure that it is a superficial wound. To recognise a superficial wound, look at the depth of the plant and check whether it is close to a natural orifice (eye, nostrils, anus and genitals). Superficial wounds can also bleed. Whether a wound bleeds depends largely on its location. Wounds that are located in areas that are very rich in vascularity, especially the small vessels that are close to the surface of the skin, bleed much more than others. For example, if you injure your finger or your face, the bleeding will be a little stronger than for a wound on the shin.

The different types of superficial wounds

We have several types of superficial wounds. It is the type of wound that determines the precautions to be taken in its care. As types of wounds, we can mention :

– abrasion wounds, which are very often small wounds caused by objects with rough edges. These are small scratches that do not bleed much.

– dog or cat bite injuries or even human bite injuries.

– Wounds caused by a sharp, prickly or piercing object.

Effective treatment of a superficial wound

To effectively treat a superficial wound, the following steps should be taken:

– First, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before you begin treatment.

– Wash the wound gently with a neutral soap so as not to deepen the wound

– Wash the wound thoroughly with distilled water from the tap to remove all traces of soap

– Dry and apply an antiseptic product

Superficial wounds do not normally require a dressing.