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Marijuana and Multiple Sclerosis

Let's look at how Marijuana may be able to help with the management of your Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms

The Benefits of Marijuana 

There is quite a few benefits to be had by consuming marijuana for a person who has Multiple Sclerosis, the biggest problem is the fear of prosecution, the benefits are numerous.

How can Marijuana help with my MS Symptoms?

Sleep: It really does allow one to get a good nights sleep, it can help to relax you and can help to prevent your mind from racing, allowing you to get a good eight hours or more sleep a night.

Spasticity: My personal experience is after the first couple of tokes or say one joint, or one vape bowl, your walking may well improve somewhat if you have problems with spasticity in your legs. If/when you get smashed or stoned off your tits, the chances are your walking will become worse, when you've consumed a fair bit you should probably just sit down and relax, your walking prowess might be much worse when the session is complete.

Appetite: Ever wonder why there is a time honored joke among stoners and among the general public, yep when you get stoned you will generally get the munchies, you can become quite ravenous when stoned, it's part of the reason why cancer patients like to smoke ganja it gives them back their appetite which the chemotherapy usually takes away.

Demeanour: Well I guess the best description is calm, don't care, can't be stuffed, but having said that I have found it can be a great time to focus on a project when you're alone with no one annoying you. Yes when "coming down" you can become quite irritable, really it's not that bad, sure hormonal immature teenagers will get all angry, but eh, who cares, seriously who cares, I know I don't!

Consumption Options for Marijuana

Smoking ganja the old fashioned way is way less healthy than using a Vaporizer, vaporizers don't use an open flame, they use a heating element, there is no dirty smoke you only consume clean vapor, essentially steam, if you're looking for a better way to consume your happy weed I can recommend:

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I can only personally recommend one model as that is all I have ever used, I guess it's classed as above medium as far as quality of vape/price/functionality is concerned, it's the Extreme-Q

Here's a couple of Blog posts I've written about the Extreme-Q Vaporizer

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