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Newly Diagnosed

I've been Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis - What Now?

It can be a very bewildering time when you first hear those words from the Neurologist "Sorry you have Multiple Sclerosis"
You go through the "woe is me" stage, the "I wanna die" stage, the "she'll be right mate" stage, if you can survive those you can then explore the truth, the real information about the course of progression and what each category of MS really means and how it may progress, it pays to stay informed, I truly believe that!

 Tips for Coping with the Diagnosis News 

Here are some links that the newly diagnosed Person with Multiple Sclerosis might find handy and informative!

Hook up with your states MS Society

To obtain help from your areas MS Society you will generally need to be registered, it's a painless process, so why not you may need to use the services of the Multiple Sclerosis Society one day. You can find more information at the link below

Learn some of the new terms you will come across

I am slowly adding terms to the Dictionary, alas I am only one person so it takes time with little motivation lol. If you have a term you would like added please use the contact us form and suggest a term if you like, for the moment though we have quite a comprehensive list for you to peruse. You can find the Dictionary of Multiple Sclerosis Terms at the link below

Stay Informed with the latest news

I believe learning about the disease and what could happen and what's on the horizon as far as treatments go can alleviate the mental stress of wondering when the next exacerbation or relapse occurs, there is a lot of great information out there, one such place can be found at the link below

Don't get sucked into Scams

Please don't listen to friends or friends of friends, don't believe any Multi Level Marketing spin you may hear, it's all a money making scam, you can read more about scammers at the link below

Images, Pictures and Infographics related to Multiple Sclerosis

Infographics and Images about the Types and Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis

Images from a "Magnetic Resonance Imaging" Machine and Pictures of MRI Machines themselves

Multiple Sclerosis Treatments List

Vitamin D3

Take Vitamin D3 for your Multiple Sclerosis, discount below!

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