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MRI Images

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

These days Magnetic Resonance Imaging is an important part of a Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis or "DX" as it's sometimes called. I don't always get a CD of my latest MRI visit, though on this occasion I did and copied the photos and changed the file format for web use.

 MRI Images Taken from a Scan 

Here are some images owned by myself, they are taken from a CD of a MRI scan I had done a few years ago. Click on the images to enlarge, then click the back button in your browser to return to this page.

mri image 01 
mri image 04 mri image 03
mri image 05 mri image 06
mri image 07 mri image 08
mri image 09 mri image 10
Contrary to popular belief, I do in fact have a Brain, the proof is above...

 Pictures of Magnetic Resonance Imaging Machines 

For Multiple Sclerosis scans they generally take 45 minutes to 60 minutes plus!

The following is a "Closed MRI Machine" (tunnel)

MRI machine

The following is a picture of an "Open MRI Machine" (great if you're claustrophobic)

open MRI Machine

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