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Your Local Community Health Centre

Your Local Community Health Centre is often the best place to seek help for Medical, Dental, Rehabilitation services in your local area. I've accessed two Health Centres so far and both have been excellent to deal with, so do yourself a favour and start accessing their Health Services!

 Local is often better! 

It is wise to seek out your local community health centre as they are generally a great resource when disabled. Although it varies from centre to centre, they can give you access to a GP, Counsellor, Physiotherapist, Dietitian, Dental and more. Generally they will be closer to you and easier to get to than Hospitals etc. very handy when you have a disability like Multiple Sclerosis

I have personal experience with Dianella in Meadow Heights and Broadmeadows here is a link to use as an example.

I've also sought the services of the Doutta Galla Community health centre in Niddrie and Kensington for Dental work.

If by some chance your Community Health Centre doesn't offer a particular service, they are the best people to ask about where you can get the help you need. So please know where yours is and access there services so you are on their books, so to speak, they might come in very handy one day!

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